MLU Level 12 - Karah Goldstein of Smol Data

July 10, 2018

Level 12 of My Little Underground features a very passionate music conversation with Karah Goldstein of Smol Data who recently released their debut project, Smol Data: An EP. We talked about her recent Amityville Music Hall show, stage presence, song composition, a possible LP in the works, and more! 


MLU Level 11 - Jackie Mendoza

June 15, 2018

Level 11 of My Little Underground welcomes Gingerlys alum, Jackie Mendoza! She talked growing up in Mexico, putting on shows in her home, how she learned English, 3D technology in music videos, directing, performing in Europe, and the status of her upcoming solo EP! Lucia Arias (Anna Altman, Turnip King) also stopped by for some low-fi, green room chatter. 


MLU Level 10 - Jackie Venson

June 7, 2018

MLU Level 10 comes to you from The Cutting Room in New York City where I linked up with Austin, Texas songstress, Jackie Venson! We talked about , the hustle of being a musician, her advice to music students, streaming services, festivals and how she plans to release music in 2018. 


MLU Level 9 - The Mixed Tag Show

May 25, 2018

Level 9 of My Little Underground welcomes the hosts of wrestling podcast, The Mixed Tag Show! Jenna and Blue Magic talk up their successful live show, what's missing from wrestling podcasts, their thoughts on the current WWE product, and more! This is the show to listen all the way through, trust me. 


MLU Level 8 - Lani Combier-Kapel

May 10, 2018

Level 8 of My Little Underground welcomes drummer/singer of Brooklyn bands Weeping Icon & Viv, Lani Combier-Kapel! She also helped put together over 500 shows at Silent Barn before its recent closure and is the Showcase Coordinator for Brooklyn's annual Northside Festival. Lani teaches me about modular synths, offers advice to emerging DIY performance spaces, her work with Times Square Arts, and more! 


MLU Level 7 - Keishh

May 3, 2018

Level 7 of My Little Underground features Brooklyn based producer, Keishh! We talked about her recent trip to SXSW, touring with Tune-Yards, producing for artists like Miss Eaves and ET.PAT. We also chatted about her musical upbringing and the difference between beat maker and producer. Keishh is also quite the content creater as well with her Beats by Keishh series and you may of heard some of her work in Issa Rae's Awkward Black Girl webseries and Insecure! 


MLU Level 6 - A Place To Bury Strangers

April 13, 2018

Level 6 of My Little Underground features New York veteran noise-rockers, A Place To Bury Strangers! Their fifth album Pinned is out now and we talked about how they want to evolve creativly, legal issues faced by DIY performance spaces, and building their own studio. I tried my hardest to get them to verbalize their process in creating such an explosive on-stage experience. I also had an interesting run in with New York rising stars, Giants at a Long Island garage show. 


MLU Level 5 - The Afr0dite

March 22, 2018

Level 5 of My Little Underground features an up and coming singer/rapper known as The Afr0dite out of Queens, NY. Her new album The Afr0diaries is out now on all streaming platforms! We talked about the backlash she faced from confronted internet trolls, the importance of constructive criticism, wanting to start an all female record label, her brief conversation with one of her heros, Erykah Badu, and more! 


MLU Level 4 - Showtime Goma

March 5, 2018

Level 4 of My Little Underground welcomes Jen Goma of A Sunny Day In Glasgow and performs solo as Showtime Goma. She talked about the collaborative process of her debut solo album, Smiley Face, scoring music for plays, seeing Black Panther, finding definition within music genre, and more! We both have a shared love of pro-wrestling and Jen attempts to campaign for my WWE Network password.  #TreatYourselfToSummerSlam


MLU Level 3 - The Royal They

March 5, 2018

Brooklyn trio The Royal They kicked off 2018 strong with the release of their sophomore album ‘Foreign Being’ on King Pizza Records! Level 3 of My Little Underground welcomes the talkative three-o to talk about our rough understanding of the term “post-punk”, the status of rock music in popular culture, how the differences in their personalities make for better collaborations, me trying to understand some of their sharp lyrics, getting sucked into the constant social media news cycle, the current usefulness of cassettes and other physical music and more!